Combining Health and Beauty

I make each piece of jewelry individually using high power magnetic hematite beads with super strong magnetic clasps. Custom orders are always welcome.

Magnetic jewelry has been known as a drug-free method for decreasing pain caused by tennis elbow, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and other painful conditions for many people. Although magnetic therapy is not for everyone, studies have shown positive results with many who have tried it.

I bought my first piece of magnetic jewelry for the simple fact I thought it was a beautiful piece. At the time, I was experiencing joint and back pain and lack of energy. Within a few days of wearing my magnetic bracelet, I realized I had more energy, and my joint pain had diminished greatly. I thought it was a coincidence at first but soon came to the conclusion the magnetic bracelet was the cause of my relief. Give it a try....what do you have to lose except pain!

What Is Gold Plated, Solid Gold, and Gold Layer?

Gold plated is not gold jewelry.  Gold plated is usually made of a base metal like copper, with a thin layer of gold applied over the copper.  The gold plating can easily be removed by merely wiping it with a few strokes of an eraser.  The copper is another reason your skin turns green, which is why we cannot recommend it for everyday wearing.

Solid gold is the highest in price and purity when it comes to shopping for gold.  Due to the solid gold purity; it will not fade or tarnish over time.  Since solid gold is also considered a soft gold, it is not recommended for everyday wearing.  Surprising, solid gold is not always recommended when it comes to your everyday jewelry accessories. 

Gold layered, also known as gold-filled, is what we recommend for everyday wearing.  Gold layered will not break your pocketbook and nearly fits everyone's budget.  What makes gold layered so popular, it keeps the solid gold appearance in color.  Our gold layered jewelry is made using electricity to deposit multiple layers of 18k gold over a jewelers brass.  Because of this, there is a .009% chance of an allergic reaction to our chains.

Our 18k gold layered jewelry has one other property which competitors don't have, a product called Acryseal.  Acryseal is our patented sealer, which keeps our gold layered jewelry from fading over-time and looking bright in color.

18k gold layered jewelry can hold its color for over 30 years.  We are so confident in our jewelry we carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee on all our 18k gold and sterling silver chain jewelry.Just because your jewelry comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, does not mean you should not care for your jewelry. 

Just like solid gold, poor care such as wearing your jewelry while working with certain chemicals such as chlorine or solvent cleaners can affect your jewelry's beautiful luster it has from the first day you purchased it. 

Use warm water and a mild soap-based detergent to clean your gold layered or sterling silver jewelry.  Soaking your jewelry chain for no more than a minute.  Never use a tissue or any other paper-based material to clean the pieces. Always pat the jewelry dry with a lint free cloth.

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